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Growing your career

Career progression requires planning and a commitment to continuous development. This section offers guidance on how to remain marketable, position yourself for promotion, handle negotiations around pay and more.
Hoping to move into management? Here are some things to consider.
Whatever industry you are in, sharpening your soft skills could make a real difference in your job search. 
Here’s how the team at Michael Page can support your job search and help you to achieve your career goals.
Transferable skills develop throughout your career - know what they are and set targets for improving them to maximise your job progression.
Keeping your skills fresh, current and relevant is the best way to stay marketable. Align your skill set with your company's plans, as well as those of potential employers.
When negotiating a pay rise it is critical you don't approach your employer unprepared. A lack of knowledge and research will lower your confidence and will likely result in a negative outcome.
Promotions aren't given to anyone in a business, therefore you need to impress your employer by proving your ready to take the next step in your career. With smart preparation, the right attitude and a good support network, you will be in a strong position to take that step. Below are some tips that can help you secure a promotion.
Your annual or bi-annual appraisal shouldn’t be an occasion to dread, but rather an opportunity where you can discuss recent achievements and what you feel works and doesn’t work in your job.
In uncertain economic conditions and a competitive jobs market, how important is chartered institute training and accreditation?
Waking up to the sound of a ringing alarm on a Monday morning is, though a regular occurrence, an unpleasant experience for the majority of us. If you enjoy your job most of the time, but find it hard to get motivated first thing on a Monday, try the following suggestions to get into gear.
If you’re feeling the strain of a heavy workload, have a sour relationship with your manager or feel frustrated by a lack of progression, it might be time to consider why you took the job in the first place and whether or not it’s time to move on.