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Job interview tips

This section is designed to help you interview effectively. Find out how to prepare and make a great impression, read through common interview questions and create insightful questions of your own.
Follow theses tips to stay relaxed in the interview
Researching a company enables you to talk compellingly about their business and how you can impact upon it.
Companies conduct interviews over the phone to save time or because distance is an issue. Here are five ways to guarantee your telephone interview goes well.
The question hangs in the air, a mug is set down on a desk, a clock ticks. But not if you’ve rehearsed your answers to these questions.
Competency based interviews are becoming increasingly popular as a way to predict a candidate's future performance. Essentially a series of behavioural questions, the interviewer will ask you to describe a situation which demonstrates your abilities that will be integral to the role you're interviewing for.
The field’s been narrowed and you’re still in the running. If you’re feeling anxious at the prospect of a day of one-to-ones, panel interviews and in-tray exercises, don’t – we’ve got 10 ways to take the sting out of second interviews.
This helpful checklist will make you shine before you have even started your interview – and trust us, the employer will notice the effort you have put in.
Prior to an interview, the only contact between you and a potential employer is your CV and cover letter. When you meet in person you should remember: first impressions count.
Remembering what you should be doing in an interview can be a daunting task, but have you considered what you shouldn’t be doing?
Chances are that you’re more nervous about your interview than the hiring manager, but that doesn’t mean that they should do all the work during the interview.
You’ve been asked about your skills, your experience and your gap year backpacking through the Far East. But there’s still one killer question – “Do you have anything that you’d like to ask us?”