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Job search advice

This section covers the basics of the job search process, with insights on career planning and how the Michael Page team can assist you in finding your next role.
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Searching for a job isn’t just about finding the right title but more about finding something that you love doing. 
Michael Page provides eight tips on selecting and preparing referees for your interview process.

Advertised jobs are the tip of the iceberg of available opportunities. To increase your chances of landing a role you really want, exploit the unadvertised job market.
Here are some of the key benefits of networking
Social media, as we all know, is the ‘next big thing.’ Until now, social networking sites may have proven useful to reconnect with old work colleagues or view the holiday snaps of various far-flung family members.

Shop around to find a bank account that meets your needs, but be aware of the associated fees and charges.
We live in a world that revolves around the www, everything is sharable, and everything is connected. But there’s an abundance of people who don’t properly utilise social media sites, like LinkedIn, for professional networking purposes.
There is often some confusion over the difference between temporary, contract and interim jobs and although they are all non-permanent positions, they are used for very different purposes.
Are you worried that a hiring manager might see your CV and think you’re trying to ignore holes in your career? It’s not unusual to have breaks, but if you’re wondering how to explain gaps in employment, don’t panic, you have plenty of options.