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How to impress your prospective employer

While qualifications and experience are essential for securing your dream job in the finance and banking industry, you need some extra ‘pizzazz’ to make you shine above hundreds of other applicants who are marching towards the same dream as you.
So, how can you stand out and what are employers looking for?

A cover letter that screams "I’m the one"

Your cover letter is your first impression so you better make it a good one. This is the place to ooze confidence and boast about why you are the best person for the job. Check out how to write a professional yet gleaming cover letter here.

Know your industry

Employers that are recruiting will be impressed if you have taken the time to research what their company does. If you are up against a candidate who has not undertaken this research you will have a head start.
Express you want more than just a job
Employers don’t want to invest in someone who just wants a job. They want to see you’re committed and interested in a career with their company. This can be done by talking about long term goals and where you see yourself in the future with their company.

Extras you can bring to the company

Employers are always looking for someone who can bring more than just academic knowledge to the company. They want someone who will benefit the business as well as someone who fits the team culturally. Here are some key personal traits employers think highly of:
  • Ability to work well within a team and on your own
  • Examples of problem solving/creativity/initiative during your previous job
  • Verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to see the bigger picture
  • People skills
  • Versatility
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