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Marketing recruitment – 2014 market trends

Putting plans in place for your 2015 marketing recruitment? Simon Ganter from Michael Page Marketing looks back over the 2014 recruitment market. He discusses current trends, talent attraction and candidate behaviour.

Market overview

Overall, there is positive sentiment throughout the market – more movement at the senior level has instilled some confidence. There has been a noticeable increase in job traffic throughout all industries in the latter half of 2014 and many employers are looking to increase headcount in 2015.
The FMCG sector is currently the hot topic, due to senior level roles being centralised to the UK and mainland Europe. As a result, senior marketing candidates are exploring roles within other industries such as utilities, finance and telecoms. However, relevant transferable skills are needed to make a move into a market leader within a foreign industry. 

Talent attraction

We are seeing a shortage of candidates within the €60-75k bracket. Aside from this, the three job types in highest demand are currently:
  • Marketing executive
  • Digital marketing executive
  • Customer analyst
Industry specific knowledge is paramount to the majority of employers, narrowing the talent pool. However, some of our clients are becoming more open to considering wider industry experience – especially at a more senior level. 
Candidates should recognise the importance of up-skilling and staying on top of digital marketing trends. Most industries are now immersed in digital marketing and as a result, they require digital marketing candidates at all levels to do everything from running social media communities to managing and producing web content.
Pay freezes, lack of bonuses and a halt in career progression have all meant tough times for marketing candidates over the past few years. However, the market is definitely showing signs of increased positivity. There is a real need for strong marketing candidates to come forward and use their industry knowledge/transferable skills to secure a new role with more opportunities and a better package.

Candidate behaviour

Recruitment activity remained busy right up until Christmas week in 2013. This signalled the beginning of substantial movement at the beginning of 2014, but the initial confidence shown by senior level executives has trickled down to those in management and those at a more junior level. 
The three main motivators to explore other opportunities are consistent;
  1. Career progression – the opportunity to be rewarded with advancement in exchange for hard work.
  2. Remuneration/package – the all round package is more important than ever. It is crucial you ensure your package is above industry average to attract the best talent. Understanding the candidate’s current package from the very beginning of the recruitment process is also vital if you decide to make an offer.
  3. Culture – candidates are increasingly looking for a flexible, rewarding and collaborative work environment. 

Counter offers

With candidate shortages across most industries, the counter offer is fast becoming a regular part of the offer management process. Management and HR departments are quickly realising that the cost of going to the market to replace key people is expensive and time consuming. Instead, the decision is more often being made to increase a candidate’s salary. There is rarely any value for a candidate in a counter offer. A counter offer is often considered a last ditch attempt to retain a key member of staff and 80% of all candidates counter offered leave within the following six months. 
As a manager, ask yourself the following: 
  • Does your team feel fulfilled and rewarded?
  • Are you paying employees the market rate? 
  • Do you offer the needed level of career progression to your employees? 
Avoid a counter offer situation by preventing staff demotivation. It’s cheaper and simpler in the long run to ensure your staff receive the appropriate level of remuneration and progression support.

Looking ahead

Current behaviour trends indicate that there will continue to be candidate movement but budget restraints may mean employers are slow to recruit in the first half of 2015. Nevertheless, we predict higher recruitment levels in 2015 than we have seen in 2014.
If you’re looking to expand your team or would like to discuss marketing recruitment further, get in touch with Simon Ganter, manager at Michael Page Marketing.
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