Assessment centres were traditionally a feature of volume recruitment campaigns but employers are increasingly incorporating them into their selection process for key roles.

But how should your assessment centre be structured - are psychometric tests appropriate for a senior hire? What about an in-tray exercise? It can be confusing.

Fortunately, Michael Page can help you compile a timetable of activities that will quickly establish an applicant’s suitability for the role you’re recruiting.

Role play

  • Candidates are typically given a role-related scenario, e.g. a negotiation exercise for sales professionals.
  • Tests a candidate’s ability to do the role for which they have applied

Group exercise

  • Candidates work in a group towards a stated end goal
  • Assessors will look for individuals to lead their group

Competency based interview

  • Candidates talk about specific events in their career to date
  • Individuals are typically assessed against a list of pre-agreed competencies

Traditional interview

  • Candidates are interviewed against their curriculum vitae.
  • Questions typically focus on past success, future challenges, salary etc

Verbal and numerical testing

  • Tests a candidate’s ability to process verbal and numerical information
  • Michael Page has qualified assessors to administer and interpret these tests

Psychometric testing

  • Assesses a candidate’s fit with corporate culture
  • Results are compared to an agreed targeted profile.

Presentation exercise

  • A typical presentation would be a business plan for the first six months in the new role
  • Depending on the role, the content or the delivery may be the focus.

In-tray exercise

  • Assesses a candidate’s administrative and time management skills.
  • Candidates work against the clock to process and prioritise information.

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