Waking up to the sound of a ringing alarm on a Monday morning is, though a regular occurrence, an unpleasant experience for the majority of us. If you enjoy your job most of the time, but find it hard to get motivated first thing on a Monday, try the following suggestions to get into gear:

Enjoy your weekend

Before Monday even arrives, make sure you’re making the most of your weekends. This doesn’t mean always filling them with activities, sometimes a lazy Sunday where you do the odd chore can set you right up for an early Monday morning start.


Set yourself a bedtime for Sunday evening; getting an early night can make all the difference. If you’ve had a hectic week and haven’t been able to rest much in the evenings getting a good night’s sleep on a Sunday is even more important – it’ll refresh you for the week ahead.

Assess your work

Try to remind yourself of why you like your job. Keeping motivated and engaged at work is the best reason for getting up to go there every day; if you’re not feeling positive about your work, you may need to rectify this.

Define your career path

Part of assessing your work is defining your career path – if you know where you want to go with your career, you’re more likely to be motivated to work to get there. Consider how you’d like your job to progress and what objectives you need to meet to get there.

What’s making you unhappy?

In order to address the problem you first need to work out what it is. When you think about it, there may only be one part of your job that is demotivating you. If there is a way of changing your approach to that one responsibility or breaking it down into more manageable parts, you may be able to tackle it without having to dread it every day.

Make a change

At Michael Page we often get candidates telling us they need a change of career because they simply don’t enjoy their job anymore. If you think the issues with your job aren’t fixable, consider your options elsewhere.

If Monday morning blues are more than just a few hours of feeling less energetic than normal for you, it might be time to take action. Browse our current jobs to see if there’s one for you.