Moving into management

Making the move into management may generate fresh challenges and place new responsibilities on your shoulders. Preparation and a willingness to learn new skills are key to ensuring you adapt and contribute successfully as part the management structure of your company.

For candidates looking to move into management there are some key factors to consider:

Hone your management skills

Regardless of whether you gained a MBA prior to taking up your current role, keeping your management skills up to date is essential. There are plenty of part-time management courses and recognised qualifications which can be undertaken in your own time. You can also ask your company for support in terms of coaching, mentoring or training so that you can develop the skills required to perform your role effectively.

Soft skills are a premium

People skills are essential for anyone wishing to succeed in a managerial role. Your capacity to really listen combined with your ability to deliver a point or message in a positive way is an essential trait. Your ability to solve problems and think laterally will also stand in your favour. Read more about honing soft skills.

Know what you want and what’s expected of you

Moving into management will place a greater number of daily challenges at your feet. It’s essential you understand your company’s immediate and long term priorities. You also need to clearly communicate your own specific and measurable goals to your new team.

Time to let go

Delegation is key to a successful transition into any management role. You may have been the very best at what you once did but now someone else needs to take up that role and you need to empower and inspire them to do just that. Effective delegating is about using your experience to guide others, dictating the ‘what’ (outcome) and ‘why’ (purpose) but allowing people to choose the ‘how’ (method) for themselves.

Learn to lead

Moving into a management role you will be expected to become a leader, communicating a vision of success, enabling your team to do their best work and inspiring others to achieve their potential. To be an effective manager, learn how to incorporate leadership skills into your management style so that you can successfully grow and develop the people you manage.

Take the practical route

If you find there’s no room to manoeuvre into a management position within your organisation, a shift to an SME or start up might provide you with the opportunity to kick-start your management career, boost your CV with a management role and gain invaluable experience into the bargain.

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