Motivate employees

Have you noticed a drop in your team’s productivity? Are staff less excited about new projects? They may be feeling demotivated, and as their employer it’s a given that you have some responsibility in rectifying this.

But do you know how to motivate employees? Even if your team currently seem engaged with their work, there may be times in the future when morale dips, so it’s worth bearing in mind some methods for motivation. Consider the below reasons and suggestions for keeping your workplace happy.

Career development and progression

If your organisation doesn’t have clear strategies for developing and promoting valued employees, they may begin to feel they have no future with the business; this is bound to make them lose a bit of interest. Put in place a system that allows for employees who want to further their careers with you to gain extra qualifications or experience to make them feel valued.

Acknowledgment and praise

When an individual or a team produce good results, take the time to thank them and acknowledge their hard work. Even if your team works on a commission, don’t think you shouldn’t reward them with praise too; it can be massively motivating to know you’re doing a good job and are appreciated.

Remuneration and benefits

Many people don’t consider monetary reward as their only motivator; they might take into account job satisfaction or work/life balance. But if an employee feels they aren’t earning what they should, they may take up issue with it. Providing benefit packages that can be tailored to individual needs is a good way of keeping everyone happy – some people work better with a cash incentive and others may be more motivated by flexible working hours.


Setting unrealistic deadlines and asking too much of your team can cause stress and may ultimately lead to them feeling unmotivated and unhappy in their role. Make sure you’re delegating the right tasks to each team member to avoid employees with the wrong skill sets having to undertake them. If someone on your team does require assistance, help them; developing their skills will mean they’re able to handle that task in the future.


In uncertain economic times there is bound to be more worry for job security. There are ways of keeping staff engaged and on board. You might not be able to increase salaries, but by showing appreciation with small gestures your staff will understand that they’re valued. Take your team for a drink on a Friday night, or bring breakfast in on a Monday morning to get everyone going. Consider the individual needs of different members of your team when you think how to motivate employees, because not everybody will respond to the same methods.

A happy atmosphere in the workplace usually translates into a more productive team, so it’s in your own interest to ensure the mood of your employees is a positive one. To find out more about staff retention and development, contact your local Michael Page office.