Shop around to find a bank account that meets your needs, but be aware of the associated fees and charges. The minimum requirement for opening an account is proof of identity and proof of address.


Depending on your country of origin, you may require a visa to work in Ireland. Confirm your eligibility before relocating to avoid unnecessary delays in finding or applying for work.


There is a €100 A&E charge if you attend an accident and emergency department without a referral letter from a family doctor; a visit to a family doctor costs €45-60.


Ireland has some of the highest standards of education in Europe, especially at leaving certificate and university level.

Finding somewhere to live

Whether you want to rent a property in Dublin or buy a house in the suburbs, the property market in Ireland can be daunting. The Citizens Information Service will help you make an informed decision.


Dublin reinforces its status as a European capital with its marvellous tram system, as well as maintaining reliable and extensive rail and bus networks.

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