Considering relocating for a job?

There are many reasons people relocate for work, not just for a new job. An employer might move premises, for example, and many people choose to move simply for lifestyle improvements.

Moving for work, whatever your reasons, can seem a daunting, life-changing decision, and it’s for exactly these reasons you should consider carefully before committing to a move.

The key to relocating successfully is plenty of research, look into the organisation you’re moving for and where it’s based, as this is your potential new home.

Points to consider

Relocating for work brings about many important questions and social considerations, some things to bear in mind are:

  • House prices – will a move mean you have to sell your house? Research your new location’s mortgage and rental market.

  • Living costs – if you’ll be moving to a more affluent area, your basic outgoings could dramatically increase.

  • Quality of life – how will your new commute compare to what you’re used to, and will you be stimulated enough by what your new location has to offer? 

  • Social groups – moving can mean building lots of new relationships from scratch. Are you going to leave behind a community you feel part of, or friends and colleagues who are a big part of your life?

  • Education – research the standard of schools, preschools and nurseries in the area you’re moving to as this could be where your children spend their entire education.

Think long-term

Any major relocation isn’t going to be just for a day. You should view your move as a medium to long-term arrangement of between two and five years, possibly longer.

This means that before you confirm anything with your future employer, you should establish the following:

  • What the opportunity will give you – will you be stimulated by your new job? If you need it, find out if you’ll get adequate training and the proper level of resources to perform your role

  • The company’s situation – will they still be in a position to employ you in 18 months time?

  • Incentives to relocate – some employers may assist with your relocation costs or with the sale of your house.

Relocating for a job could be one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever have to make during your career as it affects your life outside of work too. Being realistic about what you want to achieve and staying positive throughout the process will bring about the most satisfactory results.

Take a look at our job opportunities to see if one might be worth relocating for. For more advice and information go to the Michael Page Career Centre.