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How part-qualified accountants can adapt to the economic situation

Competition is fierce for part-qualified accountancy roles as there are more candidates than ever before and fewer available positions.
So, what can you do to stand out from the crowd?
Ambition is attractive but so is a degree of malleability - the ability to absorb information and a desire to learn. These qualities reassure cautious employers in an unstable market.

Staying power pays off

Employers are known to show a marked preference for candidates who've been with a company for two to five years.
We've found that employers prefer to hire part-qualified accountants who have proof of a strong track record of promotion within the same organisation. Longevity and career progression within a company is a combination that will work in your favour when you search for a new job.

Keep on learning

A number of organisations that we work with support their employees to work while they study towards full qualification. Check out the option below to see which path could be right for you.
The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and Chartered Accountants Ireland offer internationally renowned, masters-level qualifications.
Contact Ronan Coyle to discuss your career in more depth.