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Soft skills for accountants

There's no doubt that a formal qualification will give you a flying start in your career. There are, however, some critical skills that your accountancy body won't have worked into their syllabus. In fact, soft skills will be just as integral to your career as technical ability, if not more so.

Communication skills

The ability to distil complex financial information into everyday language is a must. Financial reporting, treasury management and tax law impact on all areas of business and have to be explained to diverse audiences.

People skills

Today's accounting professionals must be team players, exercising diplomacy and conflict resolution skills to facilitate and promote the accomplishments of their colleagues.

Big picture thinking

An accountant's ability to see the bigger picture, understanding the relationship between financial performance and the wider market, means they play a crucial role in mergers, acquisitions and other key, financial initiatives.


Accountants with a broad skills base are able to keep abreast of evolving regulations and standards, add value to clients and impress employers.
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