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Michael Page Sales salary survey 2014

2013 undoubtedly showed a vast increase in the recruitment of sales professionals across all industries. In particular, both the FMCG and manufacturing industries revealed a huge uptake in their recruitment of sales personnel and this is expected to continue throughout 2014. This increase has led to greater growth than the modest expectations expressed by employers at the end of 2012. SMEs and multinationals alike are regaining belief in the value and importance of a strong sales team. This belief has cultivated in a more positive year for sales professionals in terms of the domestic market but has also led to an increase in firms abroad considering recruiting Irish talent for the opportunities that exist.
The previous year has also demonstrated an exceptional increase in recruitment within the ICT sector. We have seen a strong demand for sales professionals of all levels with the ability to speak multiple languages as companies headquartered in Ireland seek to establish themselves and grow market share in markets further afield going into 2014.
As 2014 begins, we expect to see further reviews across organisational structures where gaps still exist in sales teams. Among expectations that the domestic economy will steadily improve in the coming year, there will be an increasing demand for hybrid sales managers that are willing and able to acquire new business and increase levels of existing business while leading, developing and coaching the sales team as necessary. This demand is one that continues from the second half of 2013.
We expect base salaries to remain relatively fixed throughout 2014 and we understand that an increase on target earnings potential will be where sales professionals can benefit. It is of vital importance that employers remain vigilant with salaries and stay competitive in order to retain key staff members. This will be true across all industries, especially FMCG and Manufacturing where we have seen the biggest increase in the recruitment of sales personnel.
In conclusion, the green shoots that were hoped for have become apparent in 2013 and the expectations are that as result, we will see a very positive 2014. We expect to see the majority of growth deriving from the FMCG, manufacturing, ICT and financial services sectors. Movement at senior level is expected to continue as employers become less and less risk averse and consider their growth strategy for the coming year.
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