We vigorously promote a culture of diversity within Michael Page, giving careful consideration to the recruitment, promotion, training and working environment of all our staff. We do this not because it's good for business, not because it's the law but because it's the decent and right thing to do.
Employers know that we share their commitment to diversity and that any decision we make on a candidate’s eligibility is non-discriminatory. Judging candidates on their individual merits is at the heart of our policy and we continue to introduce competency based procedures to guarantee objectivity.
We advertise in a wide range of representative media, both online and in print. In addition, our Global Opportunities team is tasked with sourcing candidates eligible to work in Ireland from all over the world, monitoring and analysing numbers to guarantee diversity.
Our aim is to offer something over and above just monitoring and considering applications from a range of candidates. We want to provide clients with a tailored solution that addresses the gaps in their workforce. But we can only achieve this with their input.
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