No matter the job, industry or sector, people will always ask of a job, “What’s in it for me?” Remuneration, rewards and the ability to influence all play a big part in it. But so does the perception of the organisation, how it stacks up against the competition, potential for growth and organisational culture. A strong employer brand is essential to reaching out to the best and most suitable candidates in your market, as well as retaining your top talent.

Why invest in an employer brand?

Many organisations are hesitant to invest in employer branding, probably because there is no clear and immediate return on investment. But in the long-term, it will have a considerably positive impact on your recruitment process, as well as your retention rates. This translates into significant cost savings through reduction of replacement hiring costs. An effective employer brand can also support further the reputation of a corporate brand and improve overall productivity.

How to start creating your employer brand

It has taken decades for some of the biggest brands to establish themselves, so don’t expect big things over night. It also requires maintenance – it’s an on-going, organic process, but to get you started and get you thinking, here are a few tips:

  • Find out who you are

Determine if you’re considered an employer of choice by your existing employees – they are your greatest brand ambassadors. If they’re not conveying a positive message, it’s important to find out why not.

  • Define your culture and aims

What is it that keeps your employees engaged and differentiates you from your competitors? What makes you unique? The answers are the reasons why people would want to work for you. It might be your training opportunities, the innovative approaches you take, or simply your friendly, collaborative atmosphere. Only when you’ve got a grip on what makes you different will you be able to communicate this to a wider audience.

  • Media choice

You have the choice of radio, trade journals and of course, the internet and social media. The internet is an invaluable recruiting and brand communication resource. Online interaction will influence brand perception. Social media is a great tool for projecting your employer brand, but it’s also a very public way for anyone associated with your business to damage your reputation. So, your brand message has to be honest, otherwise there will be someone out there ready to call you out on it.

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