Ensuring a successful first day on the job for your new employee

For both temporary and permanent hires, it is essential that a new starter has the tools necessary to contribute to, and feel part of the team from day one. Most of the preparation for your new employee can be completed prior to their arrival day, making him/her feel welcome and equipped to start in the best way possible.

Michael Page Ireland has created a simple checklist of information to prepare and present to your new employee on their first day in the office. Often, working practices you take for granted can be confusing to someone new to the organisation so it’s best to err on the side of caution and provide too much information rather than too little.

Technical and computer

  • Ensure that the computer that your new team member will be using has been set up with access to the files and programs they require, and that an email address and signature have been created for them.

  • Hook their computer up to the right printer and make sure you point out the location when they arrive at work.

  • Confirm who they should contact for IT and technical support, with the relevant telephone number and email addresses.

Paperwork and administrative

  • If you have an 'acceptable use' policy for internet, email and work phones ensure that your new starter has a copy waiting in their email inbox.

  • If they are eligible to claim expenses, email a copy of the claim form and explain the process and advise on average length of time for repayment.

  • Confirm the number of days of leave they are entitled to, and explain the process of applying for holiday and where and how it is recorded.

  • Arrange for a building and parking pass to be waiting.

  • Email copies of the personnel forms to be completed, with the right HR point of contact specified.


  • Set your new employee with a phone, either a desk line or a mobile or both.

  • Provide them with a list of extension numbers for the team and key people in the business.

  • Email your new starter an organisation chart for the team they will be joining with a brief explanation of what everyone does, and where they sit for easy reference

  • Prepare a document detailing where important internal resources are located – whether this is on the intranet, a shared drive or stored in hard copy.

  • Arrange for a team member to act as a mentor during the first few weeks.

Task setting

  • Email your new starter a copy of their job description for their reference and to consult going forward.

  • Prepare a plan for the first week, which includes interesting tasks on the first day that are not overwhelming but are a true reflection of the nature of the role going forward.

On the day

  • Ask your new starter to come in after the usual starting time to enable the team to get settled in and attend to anything urgent before giving their new colleague a friendly welcome.

  • Introduce your new starter to their immediate team and key points of interaction.

  • Point out where the kitchen and bathroom are located.

  • Show him/her where the stationery is kept, and explain the process for ordering new supplies.

  • Explain the internal post system.

  • Arrange for a couple of the team to have lunch with the new starter and point out the food spots in the area.

If you prepare in advance of your new starter’s arrival, you have a better chance of a smooth start and helping your new employee to become a committed, positive team member.

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